The NYPD's been getting some bad press (and sweet overtime pay) of late, particularly after last week's grand jury failure to indict the cop who killed unarmed Staten Island man Eric Garner. One group of cop enthusiasts feels bad for these beleaguered officers, so they've gone ahead and planned a pro-cop rally outside City Hall on Friday, December 19th, complete with the accompanying hashtag, #ThankyouNYPD. And, since Twitter history is doomed to repeat itself, there's been some online backlash.

Though the rally's official Facebook event was initially canceled—per a statement on the Thank you NYPD group's page, "SOMEONE IS TRYING TO SHUT US DOWN BY HARASSING PEOPLE. WE ARE NOT WEAK. WE DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR. WE HAVE SURVIVED 9/11, WE WILL SURVIVE LITTLE BULLIES AND THEIR MEANINGLESS WORDS. IT'S STILL ON. KEEP SPREADING THE WORD"—it's still planned for December 19th at 5 p.m., outside City Hall. Hooray.