Ringling Brothers announced today that they're ceasing operations, but if you're a circus fan with deep pockets, there's some good news for you: the assets of the Big Apple Circus, which announced it was shutting down last year, are up for auction. Finally, a chance to start your own damn circus and show those clowns just what you can do.

According to DNAinfo, the main goal of the auction is for to try to get someone to buy all of the Big Apple Circus' assets in the hopes that the show can be revived in time for some shows in the fall. The circus has put everything from its trademarks to its sets up for auction in a number of different lots, and provided you put down a deposit of at least $50,000 (representing 10% of an eventual $500,000 sale) you too can bid on a chance to own the circus.

However, if you don't have half a million dollars sitting around to spend on a circus (which is understandable), there might be hope for you yet. Any property from the circus that isn't auctioned off in the first round of big boy bidding will go up for sale in an online auction that any idiot is invited to. Will you be lucky enough to get your hands on say, a a pair of acrobat platform or circus tents? Or maybe you can even manage to buy the legal right to put the "Big Apple Circus" name on any merchandise of your choosing, like say calendars of pictures of City Council meetings that you then sell.