2006_12_kkarson.jpgYesterday news came out that Yoko Ono's driver, Koral Karsan (pictured), tried to extort $2M from her. Today the story unfolds, as he was brought in for questioning.

Apparently Karsan (who has been her driver for six years) dropped off a letter and a photograph of Ono in nightclothes (Ono says "lingerie" and the Daily News says "pajamas") to her New York apartment. In the note he claimed to have secretly photographed her and made recordings of her private conversations (where she speaks against US and British government). BBC reports that Karsan also "talked about killing her and her son Sean in a conversation which was recorded by investigators."

The blackmail attempt was made on the 26th anniversary of the murder of John Lennon. The Daily News reports that, "Karson - a Turkish immigrant who once served in his homeland's military - tormented Ono with his heartless ultimatum on Friday, the 26th anniversary of her husband's murder at the hand of a crazed fan, police said. Cops had planned to set up a sting operation to bust Karson, but moved in more quickly after he allegedly told a co-worker on Tuesday that he had been drugging Ono."

Last night he was taken from the 20th Precinct station house on the Upper West Side to downtown for booking, at which time the handcuffed Karsan made an allegation of his own - that Ono had sexually harassed him. We highly doubt Ono is capable of harrassing anyone.