Can you believe it? Yesterday's high was a mere 89 degrees. How disappointing! With a warm front passing through town this morning there shouldn't be a problem returning to 90 today. The heat will be accompanied by increasing clouds and a chance of scattered showers this afternoon. Showers will likely turn to thunderstorms as a cold front approaches this evening. Some of those thunderstorms may be intense.

Today is the start of a meteorological roller coaster ride that will last through the weekend. As is typical of a summer system tonight's cold front will bring drier, but not cooler, air. Thursday's high will again be in the lower 90s. This time under sunny skies.

Friday will be more humid and slightly cooler. Sun and heat returns on Saturday only to disappear by Sunday. The series of storms are expected to run their course by Monday, when we can look forward to several days of sunny, dry, and not quite as hot weather.