The weather forecast for the next few days is all about the jet stream and the jet isn't doing much of anything. Oh, it's still moving right along, but it is in an extended period of zonal, or west-to-east, flow. With zonal flow cold air doesn't sink southward and warm air doesn't slink northward. There's also little support for storm formation. That leaves us with a series of weak fronts on the ground that will do little more than produce a few clouds (check out a time lapse of yesterday's over Brooklyn) and yo-yo the temperature from day-to-day.

Behind the cold front today will be cool, with a high in the upper 40s. Warmer weather returns tomorrow just in time for the last outdoor Brooklyn Flea of the season, only to disappear by Sunday. Sunday morning is going to be a chilly one. Highs will be in the mid 50s on Saturday and upper 40s on Sunday. Warmer weather returns again on Monday. All those days will have a mix of sun and clouds.

Warm weather will probably stick around on Tuesday as a storm is expected to develop over the Midwest and move eastward. It doesn't look like a major, travel-wrecking storm, but the Northeast is likely to see rain from Tuesday through Thanksgiving.