2007_05_yomama.jpgBeware the yo mama joke: After some "friends" were yo-mama-joking around at Newtown High School in Elmhurst, two students cut off the hair of another student. And the victim is a Sikh, whose religion requires long hair to be worn.

Apparently Pakistani students Waqas Ali and Umair Ahmed had been joking with Sikh student Harpaal Vashar, although some other reports claim that they were trading insults. But Vashar's joke went too far, and Ahmed would "only accept a haircut as an apology," according to the AP. And then Ahmed allegedly decided to force a haircut on Vashar, with Ali's help, in a basement bathroom at the high school.

Ahmed, who is 17, was charged with unlawful imprisonment, menacing and aggravated harassment - all as hate crimes. Fifteen-year-old Ali was charged as a juvenile on the same counts. Ali's father told the Daily News, "This is a mistake. This boy is a very good friend of my son. Last week, he was in my home," and other students and teachers felt that the attack was not a reflection on the school.

The Empire Zone wondered if it was a bias attack or juvenile brawl. What do you think?