Has a yippie figured out the mystery of the C-4 found in the New York City Marble Cemetery? Earlier this week 10 pounds of the explosive was discovered by a volunteer working Open House NY there—it turned out to be over 12 years old, and was first discovered last year. According to the Villager, Dana Beal (pictured) says he thinks he knows how it first got on the grounds.

Earlier this week he told a reporter, while at the Yippie Cafe and Museum, that the cops were "fishing" around and he told them, "I figured the whole thing out. If you want to talk, come over to the Yippie Museum. They wanted to look around. I don’t want them to look around. Maybe they would find...a roach... [and] the upstairs smells very strongly of cat... all I got is too many cats—no bombs, not even an M-80.”

Beal's theory is that the explosives are connected with current prison inmate David Degondea, who killed an NYPD officer. According to Beal he was dealing weapons and dating Linda Twig, who lived in an apartment whose wall abutted the cemetery. Beal says "if they want to find out about the rest of the arsenal—including the pocket nuke, they should make a deal with Degondea."