The Parks Department has reportedly removed colorful Yiddish street signs ordering women to stand aside and let men pass in the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of South Willimasburg. Earlier this week, Failed Messiah reported that the signs—which are roughly translated as "Precious Jewish Daughter: Please move to the side when a man approaches!"—were nailed to trees along Bedford Avenue. Today the Brooklyn Paper reports that Parks maintenance workers removed 16 signs because they were nailed to trees.

Sources tell Brooklyn Paper that the signs are part of a campaign by one rabbinical group to enforce "modesty decrees" in the neighborhood. (Back in June, there was a campaign to make sure women weren't walking around wearing tank tops.) But these walking instruction signs appear to have made an impact—the Brooklyn Paper observed women stepping aside to let men pass, and one Hasidic woman explained, "Sometimes a gentle reminder is needed to keep the neighborhood the way it should be and that Jewish values are supposed to be followed."

How does the Parks Department expect to keep the streets from falling into mixed-gender chaos now?! At press time, precious bitches were utterly failing to move, get out the way.