2005_10_videoipod.jpgWith Apple's announcement of the new video iPod, people will be able to watch TV programs (just ABC ones so far, so have fun with According to Jim and ) the day after after they are shown. For $1.99, you can watch what you could have Tivo'd or taped (if you have that clunky technology) on a tiny, tiny screen. Well, this video screen is slightly larger than the usual one, but come on, there's no way Lost will look at good on an iPod. Gothamist was hoping that this Apple press conference was going to be about a new iPod security feature that would be essential to urban dwellers who would want to protect their iPods. Like an old shell of a circa 1989 Walkman that be an iPod case. Anyway, it seems like this video iPod will be battling with the Playstation Portable as the "potential light sources in case of a train emergency."

The new video iPod will be offered at $299 (30 GB) and $399 (60 GB) - are you buying?