Last year saw all of seven days reach 90 degrees. If today's forecast holds true July alone will match that mark. Yes, look for lots of sun, a few high clouds to possibly mess with tonight's Manhattanhenge viewing, and a high in the low 90s. The wind is going to shift from westerly to southerly this afternoon, providing some temperature relief - especially east of the city.

Given the recent track record we are reluctant to say it might rain the next couple of days but rain does seem in the offing. A warm front approaching from the south, upper level disturbances moving along the front, and lots of moisture in the air all point to showers and thunderstorms starting possibly as early as late tonight but much more likely tomorrow night and Wednesday. Believe it or not, the temperature the next couple of days will only run slightly above normal.

Don't worry, kids, the heat will be back later in the week. Once this current system gets pushed away high pressure should bring a sunny and warm Thursday with a high approaching 90. The model forecasts diverge too much after that to have much confidence in next weekend's forecast. Highs near 90 and humid conditions on Friday and Saturday is the most we can say at the moment.