Yesterday's steady deluge of rain (and at times, pouring) left a variety of problems yesterday. While the amount of rain that fell in Central Park was well below the record for November 8 (9.7 inches in 1977), the NY Sun notes that the 2.93 inches did not go unnoticed. Vendors and stores lost business, airports all had flight delays and the FDR and Harlem River Drive were flooded. Not to mention the subways. One Pace University student said, "I'm definitely going to have to skip math class this evening if it keeps up. The trains are slow and it's a huge inconvenience." Ah, the classic "the MTA was screwed up - that's why I'm late!"

But today, the sidewalks are clean (except for the dogs on their morning walks) and the weather is clear, with an expected high of 66 degrees, so enjoy running out for lunch or an errand. And tomorrow is supposed to be 62 degrees!

Photograph by Goggla on Flickr