There were no opportunities for aerial derring-do during yesterday's bird strike at LaGuardia airport, and no panic among the passengers aboard American Airlines Flight 1256, which hit a bird during its final approach at 10:54 a.m. The plane, en route from Miami, was at 900 feet when it hit the bird, and FAA spokesman Jim Peters tells Newsday, "The plane landed without incident, under power." Unlike the spectacular double-engine bird strike that brought down Flight 1549 in January, yesterday's bird was apparently not ingested by the engines. Passengers were unaware of the incident, and were told after the landing, when the plane had to be towed to the gate. According to the Daily News, there were 96 bird strikes at LaGuardia last year alone, and the tabloid gets some expert analysis from one Kalya Brizo, a 22-year-old "frustrated flier" from Bayside. Informed about the incident, she declares, "Again? I think the whole bird thing is a big problem. They really should do something about it."Beyond killing all birds on sight, anyone have any other suggestions?