Some more details about the latest person-in-custody- who-escaped: 46-year-old Gregory Pollock who had escaped police custody while at Long Island Hospital in Brooklyn yesterday morning was found a few hours later. It turns out that Pollock, who had been arrested for, per the Sun, "allegedly drinking a beer in public and possessing a crack pipe," escaped by crashing through a plate glass window around 1:40AM. Eek.

The Sun adds that Pollock's handcuffs had been removed moments before, because he said he needed to use the bathroom. Pollock, who was at the hospital because he claimed he needed medication, assaulted the officer, ran through the window, and then "in the streets of Carroll Gardens."

At about 3 a.m., police spotted Mr. Pollock in the Brownsville section of the borough, across Prospect Park from where he escaped, and a foot chase ensued. Mr. Pollock was found hiding under a car on the corner of Pitkin Avenue and Herzl Street.

Now Pollock is charged with assaulting an officer and escape.

The NYPD's spokesman Paul Browne said that these recent three escapes are just 1% of the 275,000 arrests so far. Still, murder suspect Maxie Dacosta, who escaped from a Queens precinct, and suspect Ezekiel Edwards, who escaped from a Harlem stationhouse, are at large. Three police officers have been suspended so far, though the police officer observing Pollock will probably not be suspended because hospital environments are "always difficult" in controlling prisoners, according to the NYPD.