Yesterday morning, a vaccuum train was derailed near the Smith and 9th Street stops in Brooklyn, causing a huge problem for commuters who take the F and G trains yesterday. The train was being returned to Brooklyn after cleaning up various subway tracks, but it ended up getting derailed in the early morning, causing grief for commmuters and possibly more damage to the train tracks. The NY Times notes the extent of the derailment:

It took more than 60 track and car maintainers and other workers until 3:22 p.m. to get the train moving again. It was removed to a rail yard near Coney Island for repairs. Transit officials rented two large cranes, one to deliver materials to the site and the other to lift up the middle car so it could be placed back on the tracks.

The derailment seemed to have caused extensive damage, according to Lawrence G. Reuter, the president of New York City Transit. A 13-foot section of rail that is normally bolted to the tracks pierced the undercarriage of one of the five cars, Mr. Reuter said. In addition, the derailment damaged several track ties and dislodged about 150 feet of rail, including the electrified third rail.

Yikes! F train service is supposed to be back to normal, though shuttle trains served most of Carroll Gardens and Smith Street, but G train service is suspended south of Hoyt.

Reuter told the media last night, "I think we’re going to have a very close to normal rush tonight because we’re going to be using the express tracks going into Manhattan. They’re getting ready to start what we call polishing those tracks now, which is getting all the rust off of them, and start to restore service." But, readers, you tell us how your commute was last night and this morning - were things okay? Crowded as usual or so crowded you need a little something extra?

Gothamist on other F train problems, and keep in mind the the MTA's service advisory e-mail program would like to send e-mail alerts about breaking service problems at some point, but they are just getting the hang of the basic e-mail thing to start.