2008_12_stamp.jpgThe task of mailing gifts and cards for the holidays is way bigger than filing your tax returns: December 15 was the busiest day of the year for post offices. NY1 reports that the USPS believed it processed 960-million items yesterday (over 25% higher than a normal day). The USPS said, given the economy, "This year we're expecting a little bit less, about 19-billion pieces. But 19 billion is still a whole lot of cards and packages," so USPS employees are working overtime. FYI: If you plan on mailing a package via parcel post for it to arrive on Christmas Day, it needs to be sent today; you can wait until 12/20 if you're sending it first-class and priority mail or until 12/23 if it's sent via express mail. And yesterday was also the busiest day of the year for FedEx (for Christmas delivery, you have until 12/17 to ship via FedEx Ground and until 12/23 via FedEx Express).