2007_09_nix.jpgDuring yesterday's testimony in Knicks sexual harassment trial, we learned the following things:

  • A former Knicks employee named Jeffrey Nix (ha!) testified for his friend Anucha Browne Sanders, saying that she had complained about Thomas' behavior well before being fired. Browne Sanders, who is suing Knicks president and coach Isiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden management for sexual harassment (and wrongful termination and $10 million), had claimed that Thomas called her a bitch and swore at her. Nix recounted that Browne Sanders told him Thomas said to her, "Don't forget, you f------ bitch, I'm the president of this f------- team." Nix also said that Browne Sanders mentioned that suddenly Thomas was in love with her, "It went from last year bitch and ho to now he's in love with me."
  • James Dolan knows that murder is inappropriate. In a video deposition that Browne Sanders' lawyer took last year, the Knicks owner explained that he decided to fire Browne Sanders even while her complaints of sexual harassment were being investigated because she tried to "influence the process." When asked if calling someone a "bitch" was appropriate, Dolan said, "No, it is not appropriate, it is also not appropriate to murder some one. I don't know that that has happened either."

    Also, James Dolan likes to slouch will being deposed - see the video yourself.

And revelation that Thomas felt it was more offensive for a white man to call a black woman a bitch than a black man calling a black woman a bitch has sparked a lot of outcry. The Reverend Al Sharpton told ABC News, "The National Action Network and I are unequivocally against a person of any race, color or creed calling a person a 'nigga' 'bitch' or 'ho,' and further, that no person regardless of his or her race, has the right to make misogynistic or sexist remarks against another person."