There's something for everyone in this not-at-Ground Zero mosque controversy! This week a handful of activists have been gathering outside of the Lower Manhattan location where an Islamic group wants to build a community center and mosque. They smiled and held signs reading "Support Freedom of Religion" and "America Supports All Faiths" and, um, "Google: U.S. Jewish Billionaires Read It Christians." (Maybe the guy holding that last sign was with a different group?) Anyway, these Constitution-loving patriots have had their say, and Sunday those on the opposite side of the issue will have theirs. Something tells us their signs will be more fun.

At 11 a.m. Sunday, protesters will converge to "tell President Obama, the Hamas terrorist organization, Mayor Bloomberg and Imam Rauf: No Cordoba Mega-Mosque at Ground Zero and Stop Shariah and jihad mosques in America! Join construction workers, firefighters, veterans, 9/11 families and first responders, civil and human rights leaders, women’s rights advocates, and residents of the Ground Zero neighborhood will unite for a major protest at the Ground Zero mosque site."

Boy, these protesters are going to be pissed when they show up at Ground Zero and realize that the mosque they're so furious about is not actually there, but at 51 Park Place, TWO BLOCKS AWAY!