A group of four Lakewood, New Jersey Yeshiva students were arrested earlier this week and have been charged with bias intimidation for harassing their black school bus driver. The four teenage boys allegedly stood behind the driver after she objected to their conversation, and used racial slurs and "praised the Ku Klux Klan." And in case you were wondering, yeah, the KKK probably aren't huge fans of Yeshiva students either.

Michael Inzelbuch, the school district attorney, said, "We find these to be very serious allegations. They will need to be reviewed to the full extent of the law." However, Yeshiva has also filed a complaint against the driver, saying she acted inappropriately. Private school officials say there have been complaints about driver Sharon Peters's job performance in the past two years, but public school officials say they had never heard of these complaints before the four boys were arrested.

One resident told CBS 2 that he was surprised, but wanted to hear the boys' story. “I’m extremely surprised. It’s totally out of character for the boys in this school, and until we hear what their side of the story is, it’s difficult to comment," he said. But local NAACP chapter President James Waters said, "I'm outraged and I would be outraged if the situation was reversed. This situation is wrong, and she did not need to treated like that." Peters has been moved to a different route, and school officials are considering installing cameras on her bus.