Yesterday was Good Friday, and Christians in the city remembered the day that Jesus Christ was crucified. One group, Communion and Liberation, carried a cross across the Brooklyn Bridge to St. Peter's Church on Barclay as part of the Way of the Cross reenactment. One of the Christian organization's members told NY1, "It always has a special significance that we commemorate that day also as part of Good Friday, because it's the idea of redemption, which is basically what we’re looking at here today."


And in the Bronx, St. Joseph's Church had an elaborate reenactment: Jesus Christ, played by Rafael N. Gonzalez, was led by Roman soldiers, dragged his cross through the streets, and was later put on the cross at the church.

Top photograph of the Way of the Cross procession by Bebeto Matthews/AP; lower photograph of Jesus Christ (played by Rafael N. Gonzalez) in the Bronx by Seth Wenig/AP