2005_10_radar.jpgLast month was the fourth driest September ever. Less than half an inch of rain fell. As of 3 p.m. this month is the third wettest October, only 0.03 inches behind 1913 for second rainiest, and less than half an inch from the wettest October. Unless a drought sets in immediately, that old record is toast. Mark Gothamist's word! After getting the October record, it'll be a stretch to break the all-time record –September 1882's 16.85 inches of rain.

The current batch of rain should end by very pleasant. What will we talk about once the weather goes back to being dull?

Gothamist looked for places that might be having weather worse than ours today. We thought the Dome C station in Antarctica might fit the bill. Oh, it's sunny there, but we'll take our rain for their high of 45 below zero anyday. A warmer, more rainy, Antarctica is being re-created at Wollman Rink in Central Park this evening, are you going?