Always with the marching! Thousands of demonstrators, many of them union members, are currently marching on Broadway, from Herald Square to Union Square, where the march will continue down to Zuccotti Park. The late-afternoon protest comes on the heels of a smaller march last night from Bryant Park to the Sheraton Hotel, where police corralled protesters in a "free speech zone" and refused to let them disperse until President Obama was done speaking at a fundraiser. Now they're at it again, and Mother Jones reporter Josh Harkinson says, "My office off Broadway is surrounded by police barricades, cop cars, and helicopters."

The Central Labor Council organized this "March for Jobs and Economic Fairness" in conjunction with the Occupy Wall Street protesters and unions; in a statement, the Council says the protest "is not just for the labor movement, but for everyone who is frustrated and worried about the growing economic disparity in this country. It's for anyone who has ever agonized about finding a job, paying for college, meeting a mortgage payment, or how to buy enough food for dinner. There are 14 million unemployed in America, while the richest 1% has tripled its wealth over the past 30 years."

And later tonight, at 10:30 there will be an Occupy Wall Street General Assembly at Lincoln Center, where Philip Glass's opera Satyagraha, which depicts Gandhi's early struggle against colonial oppression in South Africa, is being performed. Glass is expected to join the General Assembly and give a statement. Protesters say they plan to have a "conversation about the effects of increased privatization and corporatization of all aspects of society, and the use of nonviolent civil disobedience around the world to reclaim the commons."