Kensington Stables owner Walker Blankinship made a big stink about new regulations that would mandate he give his horses 5-weeks of vacation, as well as add bigger stalls and install a sprinkler system in his barn. He threatened to close his business, which offers $37 trail rides through Prospect Park, if he was made to follow the newly proposed rules. Now the Brooklyn Paper reports that the Board of Health has sided with him—they decided against changing the horse-boarding laws, thus allowing Kensington Stables to remain open, as is.

The reforms are now being focused solely on the carriage horse industry, but the paper notes that Blankinship is keeping an eye on the legislation, currently headed towards City Council (perhaps because he also also offers carriage rides).

Area politicians have also sided with the stable owner, and a spokeswoman for Brad Lander (D-Park Slope) says, “We hope that the [Kensington] stables will be exempted [from any pending Council bill]." For now, Blankinship doesn't need to change a thing—the Board of Health only required that he vaccinate his horses for rabies, which he had already done.