+ The New York Times calls yesterday's Atlantic Yards community forum "polite" and estimates attendance at a few dozen people. Most speakers supported the project, no doubt a result of civic overload (given the district's active Congressional primary race) and Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn's boycott of the meeting. One Fort Greene native who lives in Park Slope attacked opponents who "live in brownstones," or many of her neighbors.

+ Norman Oder's Atlantic Yards Report calls the forum "brief and low-key," estimating approximately 125 attendees. Fort Greene's Friends of South Oxford Park (which opened in June after ten years of construction) asked, "Why should our newly flourishing park be subject to shadows on the playground on spring afternoons and winter days?" Okay, so we kind of empathize a little.

+ Gowanus Lounge proclaims September 12th a "Good Day for Atlantic Yards," given the primary day loss of anti-Yards candidate Chris Owens and others.

+ And the Sun has an Atlantic Yards-inspired editorial cartoon.

A second community forum will be held on Monday, September 18 from 4:30-8 at New York City Technical College. The public comment period has been extended to September 29.