Neighbors of people with loud, annoying pups may get a little more respect in Bronxville. WCBS reports the village is considering toughening a current animal noise ordinance, which would fine owners $250 if their dog is barking for over 10 minutes during the day and 5 minutes after 10 p.m. But some dog owners think the law would be too much. One said, “Ten minutes is not a lot I don’t think for excessive barking. Ten minutes is not excessive, if it stops." Replace "excessive barking" with "a car alarm" and see if you feel the same way.

Owners also say that they should not be fined if their dog is trying to alert people of danger on the street. "Someone comes to the door and the dog barks, but if it’s a continuous bark for a long time and at night something’s wrong," said dog owner Elizabeth Gusta. Another dog owner told LoHud, "Dogs that are left alone tend to bark. They're lonely. Dogs need a certain amount of love and affection." But Bronxville administrator Harold Porr said the law would be a good thing for owners, and remind them to, you know, not leave their dog home alone and lonely for days at a time.

Porr said, "It’s not anti-dog. It would actually help the dog owner as well because it would give them a range and a limit to understand what’s required of them as a dog owner living in a densely populated area." All the fines in the world may not be able to stop a dog with something to howl about, but if we could use this as a way go get a ban on our upstairs neighbors with three small children and no carpets we're in.