If the Curse of the Bambino was bestowed upon the Yankees in 1918 leading to 86 years of dominance over the Boston Red Sox, 2009 may just end up being the year the team discovered "The Magical Cream Pie" courtesy of off-season acquisition AJ Burnett. Last night Burnett dished out his 14th cream pie of the season, an honor that has been given during the postgame interview each time a Bomber has won a game for the team with a walk-off hit. Wednesday's recipient was Francisco Cervelli, the team's third-string catcher who found his way into the game after Jorge Posada was suspended for Tuesday night's bench-clearing brawl. After the game, Cervelli said, "I was waiting a long time for the pie. It tasted good...It's a moment everybody wants."

The Yanks currently lead the majors in walk-off wins, as well as wins on their last at-bats (26) and come-from-behind victories (48!). If Burnett is able to dish out the classic comedy routine three more times over the last couple weeks of the season, the Yanks will match the franchise record for walk-off victories of 17, set all the way back in 1943. Bleacher Report has a list of just how each of the 14 cream pies was earned this season, a trend that started catching people's attention when it went down three games in a row one weekend in May. There was no word on whether the piemaster pitcher took his show on the road to Regis and Kelly this morning as they tried to break the Guinness Record.