2008_12_ccsab.jpgThe whispers said CC Sabathia wanted to play in California. They said he wanted to play in the National League, where he would get to hit. But the deal he has agreed to with the Yankees says he wants $160 million over seven years. A late-night visit by Brian Cashman to San Francisco on Tuesday apparently persuaded the left-handed free agent that New York is a fun place to play, too. The Yankees now have a bona fide ace at the top of their rotation. In his last three seasons, Sabathia has thrown 190, 243, and 251 innings. He has posted ERAs among the best in the league. Will he be great for the lifetime of the contract? Therein lies the rub. But for the first few seasons, the Yankees will be pleased. And they may not be done. Derek Lowe could be next.