The investigation over Gov. Paterson's free World Series tickets is not over, and now the Yankees may face a $25,000 fine. According to the Daily News, Public Integrity Commission executive director Barry Ginsberg said they haven't yet ruled out sanctioning the team. Though they have not been charged yet, Ginsberg said, "We've said publicly ... this investigation is not over."

Paterson initially claimed he received tickets to Game 1 of the World Series against the Phillies as a personal gift from Yankees president Randy Levine, but Levine said he never spoke to Paterson. Paterson then claimed that he had every intention of paying for the tickets, though subsequent reviews of Paterson's e-mail correspondence with the Yankees show that he didn't. It even came out that Paterson aide David Johnson forged Paterson's signature on a backdated check for the tickets. Now Paterson also faces perjury charges for lying about the tickets under oath.

It is illegal for public officials to accept gifts "of more than nominal value" from lobbyists, which the Yankees were at the time. The Yankees now face a fine for giving the illegal gift, but the team argues that it has a letter stating Paterson was at the game on official state business. Johnson has previously said the Yankees were "the only sports franchise that gives us problems."