It's been a busy week of awards and off-season hustling in that gated-community that is Yankeeland. Three Yanks infielders, Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano, all won Gold Gloves for their sterling defensive play this season. It was Jeter's fifth such award, Teixeira's fourth, and Cano's first. Even though some think Jeter, who only had six errors last season, is "not a brilliant defensive player," everyone agrees the award will add more ammunition to his current contract negotiations.

The Yankees management focused their attention on their number one off-season priority: signing pitcher Cliff Lee. They've been down this road before of course, and come up empty-handed. But general manager Brian Cashman is leaving no T uncrossed this time; he flew down to Arkansas today to meet with Lee, his family and his agent to try to pitch him on coming to NYC. Sources told ESPN that Lee's agent is expected to ask Cashman for a contract similar to C.C. Sabathia's seven-year, $161 million deal, although no offer is expected to be hammered out just yet.

But if you want all the most up-to-date insiders' info on the Yankees, you'd be best served by asking Jorge Posada's wife, Laura. Or just befriending her on Facebook or Twitter. Laura revealed the news last night that her husband, the long-time Yankees catcher, would be the Yankees designated hitter next season. On Facebook, she wrote, "As my friends you should be the first to know, yes Jorge will be the DH next year," Laura and two minutes later, she tweeted, "yes, Jorge will DH next year." In your face, Horace Greeley.