UFE.com (which stands for Urine Feces Everywhere) a website "dedicated to opening the public’s eyes to hidden health concerns that we are exposed to in our daily lives," has announced the grossest baseball stadiums in the land. And while those lovable losers the Chicago Cubs' Wrigley Field ranks #1, Yankee Stadium, just a few years old, is #7!

Why is the house that Jeter built so disgusting? UFE.com writes:

The entrance turn style and touch-appliances in the restrooms are far from modern day technology, and the lack of hygiene and sanitation shown by the vendors and concessions place this once iconic field in the UFE “Worst of the Worst” category.

While the restrooms do offer automatic faucets, their distance from the basin makes hand-washing awkward and inconvenient. The soup dispenser and paper towel dispenser both required manual operation, which UFE frowns upon. The bathroom occupants seem disinclined to use them, anyways, with only 54% of males actually washing their hands. The females, as usual, fare better than the males, with 94% successfully washing their hands.

But doesn't UFE knows its bathroom stalls and toilets are clean enough to have SEX in/on?!?!?

Citi Field, also a new stadium, was ranked tenth worst: "We said it before and we will say it again, bathroom behavior is a huge part of the scoring scale. So when a UFE rep sees 40% of men and 10% of woman NOT wash their hands, we will give a lower score. Although women washed more (as usual), what happened to the other ladies within the 10% who didn’t wash hands? Apparently your hands must be magic and not able to absorb germs…you’re so lucky."