The Yankees have decided to lower their seat prices from astronimical to merely ridiculous in 2010, with the best seats dropping price by up to $1,000. The most expensive Legend Suite seats behind home plate will go for "only" $1,500 in 2010, down from $2,500 this year. The stadium will also rezone part of the Legends Suite into a new Champions Suite, with tickets down to $500 from $1,000 last year. Unfortunately, Champions Suite seatholders will lose access to the duplex restaurant behind home plate.

The Legends Suite has the biggest price drops, but other luxury sections will be slashing prices as well. The Post reports that Delta Sky 360 section seats have already dropped $200 this year, but will go down from $550 to $475 next year as well. However, the prices won't cut quality, as the Delta section will still offer waiter service. Jeez, and here we thought getting to drink in the bleachers was the lap of luxury.