The Yankees closed Yankee Stadium last night with a star-studded pregame ceremony that ranged from poignant to super cheesy. Dressing up actors as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and other deceased Yankees was ridiculous, but seeing Yogi Berra standing at home plate and wearing his uniform was great.

Don Larsen and Whitey Ford helped themselves to some dirt from the pitcher’s mound and Willie Randolph ignited the crowd by sliding into second base. The Murcer family introduction was very emotional and the biggest cheers of the night went to Bernie Williams who made his first appearance back at Yankee Stadium since his career ended and Babe Ruth’s daughter threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

And before the pregame ceremony and game, fans were allowed to walk onto the field at Yankee Stadium. Reader Peter took video of the massive line of fans waiting for that moment. He writes, "This was the scene at 4pm when the line extended all the way from the field, up the switchback staircases to the top level, all the way across the top level and down the other side."

Last Game at Yankee Stadium, the Line for the Field from Peter Knox on Vimeo.