As if Mayor Bloomberg didn't have enough problems, New Yorkers are doubting his loyalty to the New York Yankees, as he is a Massachusetts native. Gothamist would like to see his poll numbers broken down by Yankees fans, Mets fans, Giants fans, Jets fans, Knicks fans, and disaffected sports ignorami from this point forward. [Actually, we'd really like to see voter breakdowns between those who watch Law & Order, Sex and the City, and Curb Your Enthusiasm (L.A., aka Crazyland, but Larry David's jerkiness rings true to his New York roots), but don't know if Bloomby's pollsters would want to bother.] But Mayor Bloomberg did make a "friendly wager" with Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino about the American League Championship Series, and Bloomby's speechwriters are pretty good:

I share a bond with Yankees past and present who have left Boston to find success in the greatest city in the world, which will make me especially proud to watch the Bombers send the boys from Beantown home empty-handed. Because New York’s generosity is matched only by its confidence, I am pleased to offer a veritable feast of New York cuisine that the people of Boston will never get to eat:

- A quart of Manhattan clam chowder from Lundy Brothers in Sheepshead Bay;
- A large pizza from Denino’s in Port Richmond;
- A dozen dumplings from Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown;
- A dozen bagels from Slim’s in Bayside;
- An order of Bistec Encebollado (steak with onions) from Jimmy’s Bronx Café.

And just to remind you of whence your troubles began, a dozen ‘Baby Ruth’ bars to commemorate the curse of the Bambino.

Game 1 of Yankees - Red Sox tonight at 8PM, Fox 5.