Mariano Rivera was always going to go down in history as one of baseball's best closers, but now he has the most saves ever after ensuring the Yankees' 6-4 win over the Twins today. The Daily News' Anthony McCarron said after the last out, the team went to the field, "Mo is hugging everyone. then they are gone and Mo is left on the mound and crowd goes wild." Aww!

According to the AP, "Rivera stayed and accepted congratulations - Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira and finally Jeter came over to him before the bullpen and bench got there while the Twins watched from their dugout. Eventually, Rivera was left on the mound and tried to sneak off the field with his teammates. His longtime teammate Jorge Posada pushed him, laughing, onto the mound, where fans cheered him once again. Rivera waved, blew a kiss and then doffed his cap to the afternoon crowd that was short of capacity, but buzzed with anticipation once the Yankees headed into the late innings with a close lead - perfect for Rivera."

On Saturday, Rivera had tied Trevor Hoffman's record of 601 saves.