In the aftermath of Friday night's Game 6 loss to the Rangers, the Yankees are feeling mighty disappointed in themselves and their flat performance in the ALCS: “They outhit us, they out pitched us, outplayed us and they beat us. You take away one inning and one game, and it was very one-sided. We just didn’t get it done," manager Joe Girardi said of the series. The team now faces many question marks about their aging, bloated roster heading into the off-season.

Core players Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and perhaps Andy Pettitte will all be facing new contract negotiations. General manager Brian Cashman told ESPN that he couldn't imagine Jeter going anywhere, but the Post thinks it could be a more complicated situation than either side is letting on. Everyone does expect the Yankees to continue their pursuit of ace Cliff Lee, who will start Game 1 of the World Series for the Rangers against the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday.

There there's the matter of the offense; New York was outscored 38-19 by Texas, outhit .304 to .201 and had a 6.58 ERA to Texas’ 3.06. A-Rod hit .190 with two RBIs in the ALCS, while Brett Gardner slumped to .176 and Nick Swisher to .091. Mark Teixeira was 0 for 14 before straining a hamstring, leaving his two-year postseason average with the Yankees at .180. But don't worry, Cashman: there are no shortage of experts out there offering you unsolicited advice on what to do.