2006_09_yankstad.jpgThe Yankees are taking a hardline against season ticket holders who sell their seats online - the Bombers are cancelling their accounts! One former season ticket-holder complains to the Daily News in a bid to win the forgiveness of George Steinbrenner. The ticket holder had sold his tickets on StubHub twice, so the Yankees "canceled his account, barred him from buying playoff tickets and banned him from getting season tickets - ever again," claiming that the man violated their licensing agreement. So, if George Steinbrenner had issued the verdict himself, he might say, "Read the fine print!"

StubHub says the Yankees are setting up their own ticket resale business next year, hence the difficulties the team is giving resellers of today. Hmm, we wonder how the Yankees' reselling forum will work - will people on the waiting list be able to buy tickets? And this is not the first time NY sports team season ticket accounts have been cancelled due to reselling. Back in 1995, the Giants revoked "the season tickets of 75 seats" from which snow and ice balls had been thrown on field.

The Yankees and Mets are also asking fans to avoid buying post-season tickets online, because they might be fake.

Photograph of Yankee Stadium by Rachelle Bowden