After Thursday night's lost chance to clinch the ALCS, the Yankees face off against the Angels tonight. The Daily News' Mike Lupica is impatient and frustrated and tells the Bronx Bombers today:

You're the Yankees and you've won 109 games already this season, and when you're that good, when you're this loaded, you can't let it all come down to a one-game season, not after you had the Angels down three games to one. You stay away from Game7 the way Brian Fuentes stays away from Alex Rodriguez now. You don't wait. You bring the World Series back to New York tonight.

You're the Yankees and you shouldn't even be playing Game6, you should have put the Angels away after six runs in the top of the seventh Thursday night. Only you couldn't. The Angels were too tough and proud to let you do it.

Team captain Derek Jeter responded to complaints about the Yankees not winning it in Anaheim, "Coming into this series, all the talk was how they've dominated us over the years and how they were going to be a big problem for us. And then, we're up 3-1 and we lose one game and then people say, 'Oh, well, we wasted an opportunity' and 'What's wrong with the Yankees?' It's a long series. Last I checked, I think we're in pretty good shape." But the memories of 2004 are too much!!! We guess that's other columnists are telling fans to back away from the ledge.

And Andy Pettitte, who is tonight's starting pitcher, said, ""This was not going to be an easy series. I know I said all along that it was going to be a battle, and that's what we've got on our hands."