According to reports, the Yankees and longtime closer Mariano Rivera have agreed on a two-year-deal worth around $30 million. The 41-year-old pitcher reportedly had serious offers from other teams, including the Angels and Red Sox, and was offered a three-year-deal worth more money from one of those other teams yesterday, according to the News. That offer seemed to have spurred the Yankees into finalizing their deal with Rivera, which sources expect should be finalized by tonight.

If the reports are true, that means Rivera gave up more money and an extra year to ensure he finishes his career as a Yankee. Though negotiations with Rivera have turned the page, the Derek Jeter contract saga is still staggering on, albeit with some inroads having been made. Both sides are starting to compromise on their contract stances; the Yankees are reportedly willing to improve its original three-year, $45 million offer, though adding a fourth year may still be a point of contention.

While the contract hurdles with Jeter haven't stopped the Yankees from taking an interest in some of the other marquee free agents, including pitcher Cliff Lee and outfielder Carl Crawford, some believe the Yankees need to put their house in order before pursuing outsiders. And if it takes invoking the specter of The Boss to light a fire under Yankees management, then so be it: "George would roll over in his grave if he knew the way they're treating Jeter. The Boss never would have let this happen...Jeter was like a son to him. I'm telling you, this wouldn't be happening," Darryl Strawberry told the News.