Between obstructed views, the return of alcohol sales and just simply the newfound ability to walk around the entire stadium, the Yankee Stadium Bleacher Creatures may end up missing out on quite a bit of on the field play this year.

Over 1,000 fans sitting in the bleachers will have obstructed views due to the new ballpark's Mohegan Sun Sports Bar—some will not even be able to see third base. The Times says that the Yankees only dropped the price of the obstructed view seats from $12 to $5 once it was reported by Newsday.

A bigger issue might be the Yankees not sharing the problematic views before many season ticket holders had purchased the seats. The president of a ticket reselling agency told the Times, "Here they are with all these high-end seats to sell and they dropped the ball on the cheaper seats.” Still, as Newsday's Neil Best points out, obstructed views come along with almost any new stadium and the $5 seats are in fact all sold out for the entire inaugural season.

Maybe the return of $6 Budweisers will be enough to placate the bleacher faithful. Since 2000, the old stadium had kept beer away from the Bleacher Creatures, the gang of Yankee fans known for their role calls, harassment of opposing outfielders and general raucousness. The Post was able to get some great quotes from the Creatures about how they dealt with the ban—selling booze in restrooms, hollowing out subs and filling them with beer cans and one who said, "The big problem of the ban was that everyone would sober up by the fifth inning and start to feel horrible -- we are just not as funny anymore."

The ban may have been lifted in part due to the bleachers no longer being cut off from the rest of the stadium. Obstructed view or not, for $5, fans can now circumnavigate the entire ballpark. We learned that in the video below from WCBS 880, the most extensive peek inside the new building yet. Only two more days until the Yankees host the Cubs in the stadium's first exhibition game.