Banking on the allure of New York City during the Holidays and forgetting the history of the Gotham Bowl, the Yankees announced a new bowl game this morning to be played at Yankee Stadium in 2010. The game, which will be named after a yet to be determined sponsor, will take place between Christmas and New Year’s Day, assuming the NCAA approves the game next April. The Big East and Big XII conferences will each send a team with the Big East sending it’s fourth-place squad and the Big XII sending it seventh-place squad. Under college football rules, teams must have six wins to be eligible to play in a bowl. If one of the conferences does not have a qualifying team, Notre Dame has agreed to play in the bowl, provided they are not eligible for a BCS game.

The Yankees have already announced a slate of football games to be played at the Stadium starting next year and this game is expected to draw “40,000 visitors” to New York City, according to Mayor Bloomberg. One thing that is unclear at this date is what will happen to the potential Winter Classic game in New York. The NHL was reportedly looking to January 1, 2011 as a date to have a hockey game at Yankee Stadium, but it seems unlikely that the Stadium could host both events in the same week. Update: What you've all been waiting for — photos from the press conference including a lovely poster job.