Finally, Lady Gaga was able to publicly demonstrate her love for the Yankees. The performer, who memorably flipped the bird at a Mets game last week, appeared at last night's Subway Series matchup between the Amazin's and Bombers. While it's unknown what she wore to enter the new Yankee Stadium, she was spotted in a luxury suite in a bra and underwear, with a Yankees jersey and a leopard print beret. So, in case you're keeping count: Vuvuzelas and iPads are banned at Yankee Stadium, Lady Gaga in underwear is A-OK!

Lady Gaga prepped herself for the outing by working out: She Tweeted, "i just kicked my ass in the gym, time to wash it down with an ice cold NY beer." According to the Daily News, she seemed friendly and was chatting with other fans. And the Post reports that she met Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano: "She was sitting in traveling secretary Ben Tuliebitz’s office, just inside the outer door of the clubhouse but not near the main room where the players’ lockers are. With a bevy of NYPD members outside the office door, Rodriguez and Cano met briefly with the singer... At one point the security surrounding her decided to close the clubhouse entrance to the media."

Hey, we hear that Alex Rodriguez may be looking for a new girlfriend—he does love the blondes! Oh, and the Gaga love didn't help the Yankees, who were shut out by the Mets.