There's now a 4,769th reason to detest the new Yankee Stadium—with a players' parking area now inside the new stadium, fans lose their big window of opportunity to chase down stars and try to get an autograph. The Times described the scene as "players now drive in and out in luxury vehicles, protected from curious eyes by tinted windows." And they must have just caught players on a day when their Pharaoh's carriages were in the shop. Between the new entry setup and the luxury seats near the dugout off-limits to the rest of the stadium (even during batting practice), fans have little chance to grab a John Hancock. One fan says, “I don’t think the players realize these kids, when they’re 60 years old, remember getting that autograph. That’s how they become season-ticket holders.” Yankee spokesman Jason Zillo said the team is working to address the situation. Until then, the team offers autographed baseballs at Yankees-Steiner Collectibles ranging from $50-$2,500.