A Yankees fan from Hagerstown, Maryland was assaulted at an Orioles-Nationals game last week in Baltimore, simply for wearing his Yankees hat.

Matthew Fortese, 25, was watching the game while on a date, when after nearly an hour of heckling by two Orioles fans, one of them allegedly threw beer in his face and battered him, sending him over a wall. Fortese suffered brain trauma and remains in stable condition at a trauma center.

"It's very serious," Jimmy Fortese, his brother, told the Baltimore Sun. "They're not saying he's out of the woods yet. They tell us we have to wait and see."

The two men who attacked Fortese, Gregory Fleischman, 22, of Jarrettsville, and Michael Bell, 21, of Annapolis were released Friday on a $500,000 bond. This isn't the first time that baseball passions have spread to the courtroom: in 2009 a women was convicted of killing a Red Sox fan after a mob of surrounded her car, chanting "Yankees suck!".