Are you tired of your yarmulke falling off every time you run to catch a frisbee? Do you ever wish your yarmulke could block the sun from your eyes? Well, it sure seems like the Daily News wishes so, and today they included a hard-hitting news report all about the "yamulkap," a new half-yarmulke, half-visor that protects your forehead as well as it protects your soul.

The yamulkap was created by Seth Mosler, a visionary charter school business manager who lives on the Upper East Side. Where some might only see young Orthodox children playing in a field, Mosler saw an opportunity to change the status quo: "When you're talking about yarmulkes, you are talking about thousands of years of tradition. But this has a practical purpose." Struck by inspiration, Mosler cut up an old baseball hat, and started searching for a manufacturer. Since then, Mosler set up a website two months ago to help spread word of his revelation, and "has sold about two dozen so far."

But there will always be people who don't get it: Manhattan mom Lea Haron thought the hat was a little silly, since religious rules say wearing a baseball cap is fine, just as long as one's head is covered. "I feel bad. I hope he didn't put too much money into it."