Jessica Del Rocco, the high school girlfriend of Yale murder suspect Raymond Clark, said she had needed "police intervention" to get out of her relationship with him when he was a senior at Branford High in Connecticut. She also described him as controlling, telling her what clothes she could wear, who she could see, and how loud and how often to talk.

"For about two weeks I was escorted from the school to my car, and then it just died down," she told Good Morning America of her legally enforced efforts to break up with him. "He started dating somebody new, I started dating somebody new." The Post also reports that she had told a detective Clark had forced her to have sex with him, though charges were never filed. It was a pattern of intimidation: "He'd get this little look in his eye. Sometimes it was better to do what he said just to avoid the fight."

Clark's coworkers also called him a "control freak" who compulsively followed the rules in the Yale mouse lab where he worked.

Annie Le's funeral is scheduled for Saturday. A memorial service for her in her fiance's synagogue will be held tonight on Long Island.