Raymond Clark, the Yale University lab tech accused of killing a graduate student in a research building, appeared in court today. The judge set a probable cause hearing for October 20, which "would allow both sides to introduce evidence and call witnesses." Clark still has not entered a plea, but the AP reports he'll plead not guilty.

Prosecutors say that Clark killed Annie Le, a 24-year-old pharmacology grad student, and stuffed her body into a crawl space, where his DNA was reportedly found. Connecticut newspaper, The Courant, is trying to get the court to unseal Clark's arrest warrant, while the prosecutors say unsealing the warrant could affect the investigation. The Courant's lawyer said, "If the affidavit says there's a DNA match and it's already been publicized, how can you logically argue that disclosing that fact is going to hurt someone's fair-trial rights if it's already been disclosed?"