Is Yahoo blocking emails with links to the Occupy Wall Street website? The short answer is yes, sometimes. We were able to send emails through our ancient, all-but-forgotten Yahoo accounts (it's been a while,!) but check out this video, which shows someone trying and failing to send an email with the url in the body. After clicking send, the user is told: "Your message was not sent. Suspicious activity has been detected on your account. To protect your account and our users, your message has not been sent." Instead, check out this teaser for tonight's new episode of "Raising Hope"!

On Twitter, Adbusters directly accused Yahoo of "censoring" emails, and Think Progress reports that "we too were prevented from sending messages about the 'Occupy Wall Street' demonstrations." So if this is happening, the question is why? Is Yahoo, helps the Chinese government track dissidents, futilely trying to stop these protesters from bringing the whole capitalist MACHINE to its knees?

No, how silly of you to think that, you paranoid loony lefty. A Yahoo spokesperson tells us, "There’s a simple explanation for this. We learned about this yesterday and our team quickly resolved it. Unfortunately, the domain '' was being caught by one of our spam filters when some users tried to send messages containing it. This was a false positive which we corrected yesterday. However, there may still be residual delay (up to 24 hours) for users trying to send emails with that phrase. Thank you to the Yahoo! Mail users who notified us about this."

Well, that's that! No conspiracy to see here! As it happens, the revolution will not be televised, it'll just be treated like a discount Viagra email.