Have you sworn at the subway turnstile/bus display that says "Insufficient fare"? Have you suffered "Turnstile Groin" after trying to walk through with an insufficient fare Metrocard? Or do you hate the Metrocard vending machine with a secret passion?

There may be a solution. It turns out that the MTA's Easy Pay program originally designed for express bus commuters is also available for subway and bus riders. Much like EZ Pass, the EasyPay Metrocard is linked to a bank account which will put money onto your card when it goes below $25. The bummer is that this doesn't apply to unlimited cards, but it does give the pay-per-ride discounts.

A publishing intern tells the Daily News, "It probably is a good idea for people who have a more stable bank account than me," which is true - the opening balance needed to set up the account is $50. But when the MTA allows monthly cards to be purchased this way, we bet tons of people will sign up.

Here's the EasyPay XPress FAQ. And, some day, Gothamist would also like the subway turnstiles to show when our unlimited cards expire.