During yesterday's hearing/public trial/modern day version of stockading of former FEMA head Michael Brown, there was this exchange between Congressman Christopher Shays, Republican from Connecticut, and Brown, which is one of the sound bites du jour:

Shays: I can't help but wonder how different the answers would be -- excuse me; you're blocking me -- if someone like Rudy Giuliani had been in your position instead of you, I think he would have done things differently and I think his answers to us would have been very different... [Shays then went on to list various issues with Brown's management/]

Brown: I never thought I'd sit here and be berated because I'm not Rudy Giuliani...

Look, Gothamist is no fan of Brown, who made his way into FEMA through the buddy system, the old boy network, and the Stonecutters Society. But it's obvious that Brown is no Giuliani. Giuliani's tactics were partly created after the 1993 World Trade Center bombings (think about closing City Hall to civilians) and other paranoias. And God bless him, but Giuliani was not perfect, though he was great for NYC during September 11 and the days after. We just feel that it's ridiculously opportunistic to invoke Giuliani's name (he's a Republican too!) to distance one's self from the troubles during the Hurricane Katrina response. Gothamist wonders if Giuliani will try to brand his name to some sort of home-correspondence civil servant education course, the WWRGD Event Simulator that takes you through various scenarios to see how you would react. Wacky art? Ban it! Your wife? Leave her! Combover? Do it! Dress in drag? Hell yeah!

Read the transcript here.