While her husband Vince might be given "no chance in hell" if he were to run for public office, former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon is being treated like a serious candidate after announcing that she will run for the Connecticut Senate seat now held by Democrat Christopher Dodd. McMahon is a good friend of CT Governor Jodi Rell, who nominated her for the the State Board of Ed earlier this year. McMahon's publicity stunt candidacy is being sold as a self-funded fiscally conservative but socially left-leaning outsider, that at least one political expert says "could improve the image of the party" in the state. The announcement gave McMahon's fellow Republican challengers a chance to make corny jokes about not expecting "smackdowns" and whether she was "a welterweight," despite that having no connection to WWE lure. Everyone expects McMahon to take heat for raunchy WWE programming, but no outlets mentioned what a liability her promotion of state gang activity may be through her son Shane's "Mean Street Posse" from the rough terrain of Greenwich, CT.