And another dealer bites the dust. Thursday night the NYPD arrested ex-felon and alleged drug dealer Tommy Wu, his brother Jimmy and his sister Sui on various charges ranging from drug sale and possession to drug conspiracy. The charges, like so many of these sorts of things, was apparently a shock to their neighbors at the Harborview Terrace on W. 56th where the Wu clan lived in a five-bedroom apartment. One neighbor went so far as to insist the cops had the wrong man, saying "He's a beautiful person. I could live in a whole building full of Tommy Wus."

The arrest was the culmination of a five-month probe by the NYPD. The Wu's bread and butter business was as delivery service that specialized in providing twenty- and thirty-something club-goers with their nightly fix. Customers would page Wu who would then meet them in his car to make the trade. When the cops busted Tommy he was "carrying $740 in cash and had crystal meth and cocaine hidden in a secret compartment in his Nissan Murano." Worse for Wu, when his apartment was then raided cops found:

$1.1 million, a kilo of cocaine, 5 pounds of marijuana, 200 Ecstasy pills, 400 grams of crystal meth, assorted jewelry and two stun guns. They also found 74 bottles of ketamine, an anesthetic used by veterinarians that's abused as a date-rape drug.

One cop said that "In 22 years on the job, I've never seen so much money stashed in two small rooms." Uhm, neither have we. What exactly does $1.1 million in cash even look like?

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